Easiest way to control your hotel stay!

Try out our guest app  “AeroGuest” which will allow you to check-in before you arrive and avoid queues at the reception. Start online check-in, sign registration form, choose the exact room you want, pay, chat with us, receive curated experiences, check out and more.

Few days before you arrive you will receive an e-mail with link and instructions on how to check-in online.

Online check-in

By online check-in, you save yourself & us time with the paperwork which we can invest in you elsewhere. It’s simple and intuitive way of check-in which you can do through your browser and don’t even have to download the app if you don’t want to.

Choose room

During the online check-in you can choose the exact room you want! Do you want to have a room right next to your friend? Or perhaps, you want a room with a view? You can choose a specific room for a small fee.

Chat with us

Do you have questions about our restaurant, outdoor activities, room service, wellness or anything else? You can easily ask us through the app.


Whether it’s a payment for your booking when you are checking-in, or any outstanding payments when you are checking out from the hotel – you can handle all of that directly from your smartphone.


Simply enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Download the AeroGuest app here:

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PLEASE NOTE! Using the AeroGuest app while staying with us is optional, if you prefer to check-in in person once you arrive, please feel free to do so!