Seaside sauna and hot tub

Unfortunately our seaside sauna and hot tub were destroyed in a fire that happened 16 January 2018. We are planning to build a new sauna but the actual date when we can offer these services is to be confirmed. We apologize any inconvenience this may cause and will contact everybody who has a sauna reservation at Hotel Rantapuisto.

The atmospheric Seaside sauna within the shoreside park is an experience. Between steam baths at the sauna, one can cool off by the insular scenery or dip directly into the sea. Sauna rent includes towels, slippers, moisturizers, shaving kits, sauna scents and a fantastic view. The seaside sauna can hold up to 20 people at once. A hot tub beside the sauna building crowns the sauna experience with an extra cost of only 100 €.

Our associates also offer wellness services to be ordered directly to the sauna, such as sauna yoga or pampering treatments. At the sauna cabinet’s fireplace, you can roast sausages from our high-quality selection yourself or order a master chef to the sauna to prepare sauna delicacies for appetites both small and big. Drinks will stay cold within our soft drinks cabinet; besides our basic selection, ask about our wider assortment!

Sauna areas like other areas within the hotel, are fully licensed so unfortunately according to Finnish alcohol law, it is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages to the premises.

Seaside sauna price from 300 €.