Seaside sauna and hot tub

A private sauna building away from the hotel gives the guests their own peace of mind to enjoy togetherness and the seascape without distractions. Between the steams it is wonderful to pop into the terrace to cool off and admire the magnificent landscape and take a dip from the pier directly into the sea to refresh yourself. The lower terrace of the seaside sauna with a hot tub crowns the sauna experience to its best. 

The seaside sauna is ideal for a sauna night with friends or a sports club, an inspiring location for a relaxed team day, a bridal sauna or even a little Christmas sauna.

We recommend the seaside sauna with a fireplace shed for 20 people. The sauna building is barrier-free and the sauna is also accessible. There is no barrier-free access to the beach and the lower terrace. The seaside sauna is a drinking area, so you cannot bring your own drinks or food. 


The rent of the seaside sauna is 400 €/2 h including

  • Towels for 20 people
  • Slippers for 20 people

Hot tub +200 € / 2h

Extra hours 150 € / h
Extra towels and slippers 8 € / person


You can also order fridge full of drinks and delicious food to the seaside sauna.

Sauna menu and drinks


Sauna menu 2023 

 Sauna Menu

Locally produced lamb sausage (L,G) 2 pcs/person
Coleslaw (V,G)

Potato salad seasoned with Dijon (V,G)

Bread and spread (L, (V,G))

21 € /person


Rantapuisto country salad (L, (V,G))

 Baby gem salad, endive, shoots, house croutons,
aioli and selected topping:

smoked roach, bacon or marinated tofu

Served with bread and spread
17 €/person


L=lactose free
M=dairy free
G=gluten free
V= vegan

The staff members provide further information on the courses
and the ingredients that may cause allergies and intolerance.

Menus minimum charge is 6 persons.
One menu choice for the whole group, please let us know if there are any allergies.

Restaurant reserves the right to changes.

Sauna drinks

 Happy Joe Apple 0,33l 9,5 €
Original Long Drink 0,33l 9,5 €
Lapin Kulta Pure 0,33l 8,5 €
Lapin Kulta Pure 0,5l 10 €

More lager 0% 5,5€/0,33l
Novelle 4,5 €/0,5l
Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7up, Jaffa, Novelle Plus 4,8 €/0,5l

On request we deliver wines or other drinks from our selection to the sauna. Glass wine glasses are not allowed in the sauna for safety reasons.

Seaside sauna equipment

  • Fireplace, couch with bigger seating area, mini kitchen with fridge and utensils.
  • Dressing room
  • Sauna fits 20 persons
  • Hot tub for 8 persons
  • Shower room with 4 showers
  • Toilet
  • Terrace with a seaview
  • TV + Chromecast
  • Hairdryer, shampoo, bodywash and hairspray
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