Wedding menu

Choose 3 options from below:

Smoked salmon with sour cream sauce M, G

Shrimp Skagen L, G

Cured salmon with cucumber L, G

Pike with roe and cabbage M, G

Beets and Feta L, G

Burrata and tomatoes G

Herb marinated chicken with basil crème L, G

Jerusalem artichoke and hempseeds V, G

Broccolini and almond V, G

Choose 3 options from below:

Baby gem, shoots and Dijon vinaigrette V, G

Country salad, herb aioli and croutons V, (G)

Quinoa-tomato salad with fresh basil V, G

Potatoes, marinated red onion and fresh spinach V, G

Spelt with seasonal greens V

Grilled zucchini, seeds and marinated carrot V, G

Cauliflower and mint V, G

Main courses
Choose 1 or 2 options from below:

Beef and herbs
Slow cooked tender beef with herb sauce M, G

Arctic char and fennel
Poached arctic char, beurre Blanc and fennel L, G

Tofu and asparagus
Soy marinated fresh tofu, roasted asparagus, truffle vinaigrette and fresh tarragon

Main courses are served with seasonal side dishes


L=lactose free M=milk free G=gluten free V=vegan

More information about allergens and ingredients causing intolerances,

can be acquired from our staff

Wedding cake

Wedding cake options:

Strawberry layer cake

Ruby chocolate and raspberry cake

Milk chocolate and hazelnut cake

Raspberry and white chocolate cake

Mango cheesecake

Lime cheesecake

Wedding cakes are baked by PH7

Organic coffee and brewed tee

With one main course 72 €
With two main courses 80 €

All guests having a vegan cake + 1,5€/person

We also offer menus served to tables

Children of 4-11 years enjoy the buffet 50% off the price and children under 4 years of age eat free of charge.

Wine recommendation

Frey Silvaner Riesling 50 €/75cl
Weingut Frey, Rheinhessen, Germany

Klosterneuburg Grüner Veltliner Classic 55 €/75cl
Stift Klosterneuburg, Niederösterreich, Austria

Nespolino Sangiovese Biologico 53 €/75cl
Barone Montalto, Romana DOC, Italy

Navarro Correas Reserve Malbec 55 €/75cl
Bodega Navarro Correas, Mendoza, Argentina

We keep the right for changes within the menu

Additional Items

For the dessert table:

Macarons 2 pcs 5 €/person

Petit Fours 3 pcs 4 €/person

Candy buffet (3 different kinds) 10 €/person


Pike tartlet (L, G)

Smoked roach and malt bread (L)

Beetroot and hempseed

5 €/pcs

Night food

Rantapuisto country salad 17€/person
Baby gem, endive, sprouts, house croutons, aioli and
one of the following:
Smoked roach, bacon or marinated tofu
Served with bread and butter

Furu savory pies 15€/person
Smoked salmon L, G
Vegan “smoked ham” V, G
Spinach and feta L, G

Furu’s pita bread L 15 € /piece
Pulled pork and chili sauce
Falafel and tzatziki

Hot Dog 9 €/piece
Dried onion, cucumber relish, ketchup and mustard
Also available with vegan sausages