Welcome to celebrate Father’s Day in Furu! A festive buffet served with food for the whole family is available. In addition to Furu, we will set the tables in the wonderful upstairs banquet hall.

Table reservations are possible at 12.00-14.00 OR 14.30-16.30.

You can make a table reservation here



Endive and blue cheese salad (L,G)

Tomato-mozzarella salad (L,G)

Grilled carrot and chimichurri sauce (V,G)

Green salad and spruce sprout (V,G)

Lemon-herb marinated chicken breast (M,G)

Smoked salmon and beetroot pesto (L,G)

Fresh tofu and marinated shiitake mushrooms (V,G)

Sour cream  sauce (L,G)



Roasted pork loin (M,G)

Roasted potatoes (V,G)

Chili aioli (L,G)

Meatballs and cream sauce (L)

Cauliflower gratin (L,G)

Vegan nuggets (V,G)

Assortment of breads and spreads (L)



Chocolate cake (L)

Biscuits (L)

Coffee and tea

48 €/person

children 4-11 years half price, 0-3 years free

L=lactose-free | VL = low lactose | M = non-dairy | G=gluten-free
(G)=can be prepared gluten-free | (V) = can be made vegan

More information about substances that cause allergies and intolerances
and the products can be obtained from the staff