Come and celebrate the new year with us at restaurant Furu! There is live jazz music and a four-course dinner served with champagne.

Jarno Tikka & Eero Seppä duo, playing tenor saxophone and double bass. Showtimes are at 17:30 and 20:00.

The kitchen is open until 22:00 and the restaurant until 00:30.
Table reservations are possible at 4:00 PM or 7:30 PM

You can make a table reservation here

Reservation inquiries for more than 12 people at



Champagne 12 cl


Zander & Black salsify (L,G)
Braised zander, black salsify foam, crispy black salsify and black trumpet mushroom

Sourdough bread and butter


Pumpkin & Miso (L,G)
Hokkaido pumpkin glazed with miso, pickled pumpkin, hazelnut,
pork lardo, plum vinaigrette and smoked pumpkin


Iberico & Blackcurrant (L,G)
Fried Iberico secreto, dark currant sauce, pickled currants and potato terrine


Furu´s Eaton Mess (L,G)
Berries, yogurt, meringue and caramel.

72 €/person

Please inform us of any special diets and allergies when booking a table so that the kitchen can take them into account before dinner.
We reserve the right to make changes to the menu depending on raw material availability.

L=lactose-free | G=gluten-free