Comprehensive well-being consist of rest, exercise, nutrition and peace of mind. We can provide you with all of that.

A day in Hotel Rantapuisto already creates well-being by itself, because the mental landscape changes when you enter our door. A harmonious and architecturally unique environment enables time travel to the 60s.

In the surroundings of our hotel, there are countless opportunities to influence well-being, but we have made it easy. A guided activity that is part of a meeting or training day refreshes both body and mind and is apt to increase your team’s team spirit.

The meals in our WELLNESS meeting package are designed to help you cope and they are vegetarian-oriented. When planning the content of the activity, the needs of the group are taken into account.

WELLNESS activities:

  • Body care & relaxation
    A restorative, gently opening body range of motion and relaxing class in group gym or in Rantapuisto facilities. (60 min.)
  • Guided walking tour
    According to the wishes, either a leisurely walk or a brisker interval walk in the surrounding landscapes. (60 min.)
  • Functional training
    A class that strengthens the muscles of the whole body and raises the heart rate, where everyone makes movements at their own pace with the help of small equipment and body weight. (60 min.)
  • Latin dance
    Relaxing and dancing to the rhythm of wonderful lap music in group gym or in Rantapuisto facilities (60 min.)

FULL DAY €90 / person (min. 8 hlö / max. 35 hlö)


  • Meeting room in preferred format (8 h)
  • Activity guided by a professional.
  • Hotel breakfast in picturesque scenery by the sea at Restaurant Furu. 
  • Buffet lunch in our restaurant. Lunch includes a healthy and vegetable-focused appetizer table, two main course options, dessert, coffee and tea. One of the main dishes is always vegetarian. 
  • In the afternoon, the coffee market offers home made smoothie, cutted fruits, organic coffee and tea. 
  • Throughout the day, our coffee market offers flavored water and whole fruits. There is ice water in the meeting room. 
  • Free parking 

Professional meeting service, modern meeting technology, high-quality WLAN, flipchart and note-taking equipments are at your disposal throughout the day. 

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