Fun & fresh events and escape experiences for guests and companies! 

We offer hotel guests the best team building in Helsinki, exciting immersive escape mystery Case of the Five Star Hotel and other escape experiences all under Hotel Rantapuisto’s roof!

InsideOut Production produces next level experiences that can be fully customized for your company events or to spice up your holiday!  Our events are perfect addition to long conference days, but you can also just pop by if you feel like escaping. These experiences will require problem solving skills, team work and trying everything but a kitchen sink to escape. In other words, think outside the box!  Select your  team, relax and have fun with your mates / loved ones or challenge your colleagues as a part of a recreational day or a team building event!

Team building package as part of modern education! 

Team building days don’t have to be boring! In 2015, we launched a team building event where escape games are combined with fun team building activities. With an experienced trainer this becomes an innovative way of relaxing, grouping and learning. While regular team building training often revolves around imagining how to respond to stress, playing escape experiences can make people actually experience stress, pressure and tension and let them afterwards evaluate how they reacted on it.

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Team Building
Case of the Five Star Hotel

We can customize any option for your needs. If you want to add your company’s content or other customized themes to your team building day, we are happy to help!. Bigger company events can host over 200 players.

Languages: Finnish and English