You’re on your way to Hotel Rantapuisto to have some fun, when you hear that terrible things have just taken place there! The atmosphere seems forced and unfriendly and you get this strange feeling – your gut is telling you that you shouldn’t be there…. Due to the events that have just transpired, the buses have changed their routes and taxis don’t take any orders from Rantapuisto and on top of that, your car seems to have broken down! The only chance to get the H*** out of there is to sneak into a local seedy bar owned by some very shady people – it’s definitely the last place you would want to be right now, but it might be the only place where you can find what you need to escape…

Duration: 1-1,5 h
Price: 6 participants 25 €/pers., 5 participants 30 €/pers., 4 participants 37,50 €/pers., 2-3 participants 50 €/pers.
Bookings: Hotel sales department Tel. +358 (0)9 319 1110 |