Escape “Just For Fun”

20-30 persons, 3 hours (also available for bigger groups)

Languages: Finnish or English

Escape games and fun interactive activities

A perfect activity when you just want to keep it light. Escape games combined with fun team building activities, with an experienced trainer are an innovative way of relaxing, grouping and learning! Just for Fun is an impeccable way of celebrating mutually achieved goals alongside some creative tasks and fun games to boost team spirit and co-operation skills.

Price from 814€- 1634€ ( +vat)


Escape “Gold”

20-30 persons , 4-6 hours
Languages : Finnish or English

Solid team building based on escape games.

Escape adventure combined with a solid team building session with interactive games led by a professional trainer. Productive analytical discussion of the experience after the games will provide feedback and self-reflection as tools of learning. A team building expert will guide the discussion teaching team building concepts and helping the team to come up with goals and actions for how they can apply those concepts to their work.

Price from 1995€-5995€ (+vat)

Ask about the advanced special themes provided as a part of Escape “Gold” !