TERHEN Sauna therapy – events

Terhen organizes unique sauna experiences with a modern twist. Gather your own group and come enjoy sauna well-being with us.

Prices starting at 560€ + VAT

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Sauna therapy– event – Terhen
Bathe like a Finn – Terhen
Bridalsauna – Terhen
Mama blessing –sauna – Terhen

*Events take place in the premises of the sea side sauna. Terhen professional and trained staff act as instructors of the events.

TERHEN Sauna therapy – lecture

The inspiring lecture introduces the special features of the Finnish sauna, the health effects of the sauna, the healing nature and the unique treatment tradition. The purpose of the lecture is to inspire you to take advantage of the sauna as a form of treatment and give plenty of tips on how everyone can take care of themselves with sauna. The lecture can be combined with a light treatment, such as a foot bath. In a connection with the lecture, you will also get acquainted with Terhen’s sauna products.

Price starting at €350 + VAT

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Sauna therapy –lecture – Terhen