Tailor made or long-time favorites. Choose a theme for your party, corporate event or even a wedding from a wide selection offered by our partner

Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi’s event assembly builds all kinds of programs regardless of age, size and appearances. Each event is tailor-made, making each program unforgettable! With the supplies provided by Modus Vivendi any kind of group will transform from a random bunch to a team without extensive slideshows or sitting at a lecture hall.

Splashes of humor and performing artists are also available. Or should we get the whole corporate gang on board a plane to Tenerife? Should we return to the 60s, the 70s or the 80s? Or should we make a collective dinner something more, with a master of ceremonies planning speeches, rewards and commendations?

More examples: Royal Casino, Gala Dinner with MC, Look alike Idols Show, Rantapuisto Love Boat.