The Insight Generator VUOROVAIKUTIN™ is a chance for you to ventilate your brain, gain new impulses and refresh your mind. The event begins with a joint session designed to raise the spirit and warm up the mind and body. During the event you will be faced with intellectually challenging yet fun exercises designed to develop your cooperation skills and support genuine leadership. The focus of the exercises is on an interactive wrap-up process.

Our instructors help in translating your insights into everyday operations. The programme ends with a joint final discussion. Our trainers are professionals in workplace training, team work and pedagogy and have the ability to adapt to your team’s situation. The programme works best in the fresh outdoors, but can also be carried out indoors in the event of rain.

Duration: 1-3 h
Price: from 1590 €+alv 24 % for 25 participants
Bookings: Treasure Coaching