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Game room Out Of Orbit


The immersive game room Out of Orbit has opened in Hotel Rantapuisto

Have you always wanted to fly in a spaceship?

Out of Orbit combines an escape room, a simulator and an immersive theater. Participants enter a game room which is staged to look like a bridge of a space shuttle. Someone has to read the radar another one has to control the ship and a third one has to fix the engines.

Out of Orbit is a group game for 4-6 people where your team will flies through space and tries survive its challenges. Out of Orbit is neither an escape room nor a video game but is does contain references from both.

Find out more: Out of Orbit

Sauna Package


Welcome to relax by the sea side and in the hem of nature in our beach sauna. The sauna package available to reserve now!

Eat, Sleep and Enjoy!


Come and enjoy Furu’s modern classics at Hotel Rantapuisto.

Brunch Package


Sleep, Eat and Treat yourself! Come and enjoy a weekend brunch at Hotel Rantapuisto, prices from 77 € / person / night / double room!

Pet friendly hotel


We welcome pets too! Our hotel is surrounded by numerous jogging paths and our reception team is happy to provide map to reach these.

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Surprise your loved one with our gift card. Gift cards can be sent either via email or as a cardboard card via mail.