Hotel Rantapuisto is a Sustainable Travel Finland-destination

Hotel Rantapuisto, which has invested in sustainable and responsible tourism, has been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The sign communicates ecologically sustainable and responsible operations. Hotel Rantapuisto participated in the Sustainable Travel Finland program organized by Visit Finland, where the responsibility and sustainability of the tourism business is examined through the ecological, financial, socio-cultural and ethical responsibility of the business.

Hotel Rantapuisto wants to make future tourism even more sustainable. Responsible tourism is developed in the long term, and it can be seen in Rantapuisto, for example, in reducing water consumption, reducing food waste, ecologically sustainable waste management and responsible procurement. Since 2019, Hotel Rantapuisto has also been awarded the international environmental certificate Green Key for the accommodation and tourism sector. You can read more about Hotel Rantapuisto’s environmental responsibility here.

What is Sustainable Travel Finland (STF)?

The Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program offers vacation destinations a toolkit for the development of sustainable tourism, which makes it easier to take ecologically sustainable measures. Destinations that have gone through the program and met the criteria will be awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

Vacation destinations that have received the STF label commit to the principles of sustainable tourism. The program maps the current state and participates in the Sustainable Travel Finland training. After this, a sustainable tourism development plan is drawn up, which takes into account all the functions of the resort that will be affected by the STF mark. The principles and measures of sustainable tourism are also visibly communicated. In addition, destinations that have received the STF mark undertake to update their knowledge of sustainable tourism at regular intervals and to make a self-assessment and development plan. The STF badge is renewed regularly.