Wine and other beverages


Henri Le Blanc Brut 6 €
Fruity and fresh sparkling wine.

Kanin kolo 10 €
Fresh combination of vodka, carrot and ginger.

Napue Gin&tonic 11 €
Local Napue gin with rosemary and cranberries.


Hartwall Aura 4,5 % 5,50 €/0,4 l draught

Hartwall Aura 4,5% 3,50 €/0,25 l draught

Lapin Kulta Pure 4,5 % 6,20 €/0,33 l

Aura Tumma 5,2 % 7,6 €/0,35 l

Lahden Erikois 8,20 €/0,35 l
Selection varies seasonally.

Lahden Erikois Vehnä 9,90 €/0,5 l

Cider and long drink

Happy Joe 6,80 €/0,275 l

Original Lonkero 6,80 €/0,33 l

Soft drinks

Novelle sparkling water 3 €/0,33 l

Sparkling mineral water 8 €/1,25 l

Pepsi, 7 Up, Jaffa 3 €/0,33 l

Alcohol free beer, Arctic Malt 0% 4 €/0,33 l


Meukow Cognac V.S. 8,80 €/4 cl

Meukow Cognac V.S.O.P. 11,40 €/4 cl

Meukow Cognac X.O. 22,20 €/4 cl

Meukow Cognac Xpresso 7 €/4 cl

Di Saronno Amaretto 6,20 €/4 cl

Baileys 6 €/4 cl

Cloudberry and Sea-buckthorn liquer 6 €/4 cl

Grappa il Solo Amarone 9 €/4 cl

Champagne and sparkling wine

Henri Le Blanc, Blanc De Blanc Brut 37 €/btl 6 €/12cl
Veuve Ambal, Vin Mousseux, France

Sgajo Prosecco Extra Dry 49 €/btl
Perlage, DOC Prosecco Treviso, Italy

Lanson Brut Rose 75 €/btl
Lanson Pére & Fils, AC Champagne, France

Lanson Green Label 75 €/btl
Lanson Pére & Fils, AC Champagne, France

White wine

Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc 37 €/btl 6 €/12cl
house recommendation
Viña Santa Rita, Central Valley, Chile

Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 43 €/btl 6,90 €/12cl
Perlage, Veneto, Italy

Riesling Trocken 46 €/btl 7,40 €/12cl
Abtei Himmerod, Mosel, Germany

Deakin Estate Viognier 48 €/btl
Deakin Estate, Murray Darling, Victoria, Australia

Red wine

Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon 37 €/btl 6 €/12cl
house recommendation
Viña Santa Rita, Central Valley, Chile

Merlot delle Venezie 43 €/btl 6,90 €/12cl
Perlage, Veneto, Italy

Parlez-vous Malbec? 44 €/btl 7,10€/12cl
Lacheteau, Vin de France

Kiwi Cuvée Bin 69 Pinot Noir 48 €/btl
Lacheteau, Vin de France

Franschhoek Cellar Stone Bridge Pinotage 49 €/btl
Franschhoek Cellar, WO Western Cape, South Africa

Dessert wine

Moscato D’asti 2012 5,5 % 39 €/37,5 cl; 8,40 €/8 cl
Ceretto, Piemonte / Italy

Ferreira LBV Port 8,90 €/8 cl
A. A. Ferreira S.A. Douro, Portugal







Dinner menus

(L) lactose free | (VL) low lactose | (G) gluten free | (M) dairy free


Available August – December 2018

Ranta menu

White Fish Tartar with Malt Bread L,(G)


Sirloin Steak with Creamy Pepper Sauce L,G


Fish of the Day L


Chocolate with Pistachio VL, G

55€ / person

Wine recommendations

Klosterneuburg Grüner Veltliner,Stift Klosterneunburg,
Niederösterreich, Austria 49 €
Parcha Malbec, Bodegas de la Rosa, Mendoza,
Argentina 44 €

Metsä menu

Breast of Duck with Pickled Mushrooms L,G

Roast of Baby Lamb from Sea Lapland with Dark Garlic Sauce L,G


Fish of the Day L

Spruce Sprout Pannacotta L,G

52 € /person

Wine recommendations

Riesling Trocken, Abtei Himmerod, Mosel, Germany 46 €
Francisco Gomez Organic, Francisco Gomez, Valencia, Spain 49 €


Coffee or tea
3 € / person

Menu available for parties of 4 or more.  Menu order latest in 7 days prior the event. Please notify estimated attendance and special requirements 7 weekdays in advance, and confirm final adjustments no later than 3 working days before the event. Invoicing (minimum 10 covers) will be based on this confirmation. We reserve the right to modify all arrangements.


Buffet menus

(L) lactose free | (VL) low lactose | (G) gluten free | (M) dairy free


Available August – December 2018


Kataja menu

Green Salad M,G
Cauliflower with Spelt M
Pumpkin three ways M,G
Endive Salad with Nut and Goat Cheese L,G
Duck with Chestnut M,G
Rantapuisto Bread Selection L

Slowly cooked Beef Brisket with Dark Currant Sauce M,G
Roasted White Fish with creamy Mushroom Sauce L,G

Lingonberry with Vanilla L

48€/person with one main course
58€/person with two main course


Mänty menu

Green Salad with Spruce Sprout Vinaigrette M,G
Pickled Vegetables M,G
Beetroot with Smoked Sour Crème L,G
Mushroom Salad with Buckwheat and
Peltola blue Cheese L,G
Smoked Rainbow Trout with Kale Pesto M,G
Rantapuisto Bread Selection L

Roast of Baby Lamb from Sea Lapland with Dark Garlic
Sauce M,G
Roasted Trout with Fennel Seed Sauce M,G

Pannacotta with Rowanberry L,G

53€ with one main course
63€ with two main courses


Coffee or tea
3 € / person

Evening snack menus


Evening snack menu 2018


Evening snack menu 1

Sausages from Helsinki Sausage Factory 2 pcs/person L, G
Green Salad L, G
Potato and Caper Salad L, G
Bread and Spread L

16 € / person


Evening snack menu 2

Overcooked Pork belly with BBQ Sauce M,L,G
Roasted Potatos M,L,G
Green Salad M,L,G
Bread and Spread L

19 €/person


Evening snack menu 3

Rantapuisto Casseroles L,G
Served with Green Salad and Bread and Spreads L

Vegetable 13 €/person
Ham 15 €/person
Salmon 15 €/person


Evening snack menu 4

Rantapuisto House Salad M,L,(G)
Served with Bread and Spreads L

Naturel 13,50 €/person
Chicken 15 €/person
Smoked salmon 15 €/person


Evening snack menu 5

Bread Selection with Butter L
Cheese and Cold Cut L,G
Salad, Tomato and Cucumber M,G
Yogurt with Berries L,G
Fruits M,G
Juice, Coffee and Tea

12 €/person


Rantapuisto Pita Bread

Beef Brisket & Sriracha
Falafel & Tsatsiki

12 € / piece


Hot Dog with sides

5 € / piece


 The minimum charge of each menu is 6 persons. We kindly ask to inform the correct number of persons and menu order latest 2 week prior and final changes 3 days prior the event. Billing will be done according to the confirmation or the actual number of participants in case the total amount payable is greater than anticipated. Restaurant reserves the right to make changes.


VL= low lactose
L=lactose free
G=gluten free
(G)= possible to prepare without gluten
The staff members provide further information on the courses
and the ingredients that may cause allergies and intolerance.