Hotel Rantapuisto has received the Green Key certification since 2018. It is an international environmental certificate for the accommodation and tourism industry. Green Key-certified hotels, hostels, campsites, cottage villages and other accommodation facilities are committed to building sustainable tourism. The daily environmental work of Green Key-certified accommodation includes e.g. frugal energy and water consumption, waste reduction and recycling, offering local, vegetable and organic products, using eco-labeled washing and cleaning agents and paper, and enabling customers to travel ecologically and nature tourism. In addition, the destinations that have received the Green Key label aim to increase the environmental awareness of staff and customers.

Green Key-certified companies receive the internationally known Green Key mark and program support for their environmental work and communication about it. Green Key labels have been awarded in Finland since 2015 and internationally since 1994. There are now more than 90 tourism operators with Green Key environmental certification in Finland. Globally, Green Key operates in 58 different countries and more than 3,000 destinations have received the certificate.


This is how environmental responsibility can be seen in Hotel Rantapuisto’s operations


We are committed to reducing water consumption 

In Hotel Rantapuisto’s kitchen, water consumption is reduced by making the use of appliances (such as the dishwasher) more efficient with guidelines and common game rules. When cooling food, we use a cooling cabinet instead of cold water. We also encourage our guests to drink perhaps the cleanest tap water in the world, which is always a more ecological alternative to bottled spring water.


We are committed to reducing food waste

By monitoring and reducing food waste, we reduce environmental stress. A concrete example is using smaller plates and selling well-preserved products in the lobby bar.


We commit to waste management and sorting

By paying attention to waste management, waste processing and everyday sorting, we can reduce e.g. loading of landfills and chemicalization. In Rantapuisto, the trash cans are optimized to match the accumulated waste. In addition, sorting and waste handling is part of the orientation and training of every team member.


We are committed to providing environmentally friendly activities

Being located in the immediate vicinity of Natura Viva offers many opportunities for offering environmentally friendly activities. It is also possible for our guests to borrow bikes.


We are committed to responsible procurement

By making responsible procurement and consumption choices, we can influence the consumption of raw materials, energy consumption and the generation of waste. Hotel Rantapuisto’s reception and restaurant use e.g. responsibly and ecologically produced work clothes. In addition, Hotel Rantapuisto’s partner, SOL Palvelui, has the Swan Mark for hotel cleaning.